Your First PHP Lesson

Posted by Jannatul Ferdousi on 2:19 AM

we already know the syntax of php,Now we will know how to add content into it,.So lets start
first of all we should to write php syntax.Then we use "echo" function without double quote.


echo means print or show something in browser .It works same as its meaning in English.Suppose if we want to show "Hello everybody" or word or sentence you like in php, we must  use echo.There have an alternative of echo that is print but it uses less.
echo "We can write here thousand of words or sentence and it will show in browser."
Here i want to mention one thing that is string must be contained within double quotation mark ("  text here ").On the other-hand, Integer(0,1,2....9)and float (9.8) without double quotation mark.


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