Introducton to php

Posted by Jannatul Ferdousi on 2:03 AM

Welcome to php world.Php stands for Hypertext preprocessor. It is server side scripting language. More than eighty percent web developer are using php instead of and other language.Moreover php are open source,that means it can be used any where and by any person without  permission or paying . Especially php developed for web development.Those who have a background in programming language like c, c++, java can learn easily php.The basics syntax are almost same with these language.The new comer are become afrid by seeing php code,If anyone can overcome the initial fear,he or she must be fallen love with php.Furthermore,we can do a lot of work by codnd so on.For an instance,we create a table which is 50 row and 10 colums,for that we need atleast 60 line coding in html .Dramatically we can able to do same work just writing 6 to 7 line code sometime using one function.We create dynamic site with php.


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